We desire to embody God's restoration through being able to recognize one another,
being the most well-rested being (in every meaning of the term),
and practicing the Spirit drenched rhythms that usher in God's restoration.

H I G H L A N D   U N I V E R S I T Y   M I N I S T R Y

Made For Community.

Restore Highland Groups exist around this truth: we were made to be in community. We believe that there is power in doing life together and that God works through intentional relationships. Doing life together through community is part of our nature, but finding those relationships isn’t always easy. That's why Restore Highland Groups exist — to make meaningful relationships engaging and accessible to you.

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Spiritual Direction.

Spiritual Direction is the practice of meeting on a regular basis with a trusted companion to reflect deeply on your relationship with God. As you and a trained listener consider your relationship with God, you will recognize God’s presence and grace in your daily life of ordinary responsibilities. This can be an opportunity to experience God’s unconditional love for you – just as you are – wherever you are on your journey.

Spiritual Direction can be an avenue of drawing closer to God and responding ever more faithfully to God.  While life's issues have a place in conversation with your director, Spiritual Direction is not about solving problems, nor is it pastoral counseling.  

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Sunday Mornings Together.

Sunday morning classes are places for you to grow through connecting with one another, engaging in conversation, and reading Scripture together. These are ongoing classes, available to all adults, and you are welcome to join at any time. 

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