Welcome to Highland Children's Ministry

These words of Jesus help shape our belief that children are full participants in the gathered church and Highland’s Restoration Vision. We invite children to join God’s story as we gather in worship, in table communities and in service. Getting to know Jesus and each other is at the heart of His Kids Ministry. Opportunities to hear and respond to God’s word happen every time we gather. 

Your First Visit

Children are welcome here at Highland and are an important part of our church. We believe that children are close to God's heart, and they are close to ours. 
 Below you'll find what you need to know as you plan your first visit to Highland. We look forward to you joining us on Sunday morning.

Your child's safety is important to us! When you arrive at Highland, we ask that you check-in at one of our kiosks located in the foyers around our auditorium. The locations of the check-in kiosks are marked on the map below.

As you complete the check-in process, two tags will print: (1) a name tag for your child and (2) a pick-up tag for you. You'll use this tag to pick-up your child after service. If you are needing help during the check-in process, one of our volunteers will happily assist you.

All staff and volunteers have completed references and background checks prior to serving.

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Sunday Morning Experiences

On Sunday mornings, there are specific experiences that have been intentionally created for your children.
While some of these experiences are provided during our worship services, children are welcome
in our auditorium as full participants (wiggles and noises included).
Young children, like most of us, learn by doing and we believe that God's heart is filled with delight when God hears
a tiny voice echo the words of a song or prayer.

If a child is needing a little more space & freedom during service, the Mom's Nursery and Family Room (located off the South Foyer) are available. 

Nursery (birth-3o months)
Location: Nursery Suite - Off South Foyer
WHEN: 8:30am Worship service, 10:00am bible class, & 11:00am worship service 

older twos (31-35 months)
WHEN: 8:30am Worship service, 10:00am bible class, & 11:00am worship service 

We provide a safe, loving and nurturing environment for babies and toddlers to learn about God’s steadfast love. Age-appropriate curriculum focuses on God’s love and God’s creation. Two truths that capture the imagination of babies and toddlers are: “God loves me” and “God made me.” 

Assembly care is provided for babies and toddlers during the Sunday worship services. This is a special time where older toddlers can play together as their family attends the larger congregational gathering.

Preschool (3-5 YRS) BIBLE CLASSes
Location: Downstairs in Children's Wing
preschool 3s in blue room
preschool 4s & 5s in Green room
WHEN: 10:00-10:45AM 

Our preschool children learn God’s truths through foundational Bible stories and hands-on learning experiences that nurture their developing faith. Play is the wonderfully important work of young children, so many of the learning experiences in this age group have roots in purposeful play.

Kindergarten-5th GraDe BIBLE CLASSES
Location: Upstairs in Children's Wing
WHEN: 10:00-10:45AM 

Our elementary kids journey through the Bible each week by participating in praise and worship, hearing God’s word and then engaging in learning centers that help them find their place in God’s story as they learn to love and serve others in the name of Jesus. During the elementary years, children also begin learning the life-long practice of spiritual disciplines. Can prayer, worship, coming to quiet and dwelling in God’s word change the heart and life of a child? The answer, quite simply, is “yes!”

For Children Ages 3-5 YRS OLD (Preschool) 
Location: Rm 113 - Off South Foyer

This special Sunday morning worship time is designed to tell God’s story so that young children may encounter God, experiencing the awe and wonder of God’s great love. Preschool children join their family and friends in the auditorium for congregational worship and the Lord’s Prayer before they are invited to the His Kids Worship gathering just before the sermon begins.

Wednesday Night Gatherings

Together We're Better is one of our favorite sayings.
Our mid-week, Wednesday night gatherings help us connect with each other in a relaxed learning environment. 

LOCATion: Nursery Suite, off the South Foyer
when: 7:00-8:00pm

It’s the middle of the week at the end of the day, so this is a snuggly time where babies and toddlers experience God’s love through the care of committed volunteers and staff.

LOCATion: Downstairs Children’s Wing
older 2s & preschool 3s in Blue Room
4s & 5s in Green Room
When: 7:00-8:00pm

Active storytelling is the key to Wednesday night Bible class! We’ll take a journey with Abraham, follow Moses in the desert, help Joshua knock down a wall and follow in the footsteps of Jesus as he invites people to know and love God.

Kindergarten-5th grade bible class
Location:  Upstairs Children’s Wing
when: 7:00-8:00pm

This multi-age gathering provides a wonderful time for different age children to be in relationship with each other as they hear God’s story and practice together the spiritual disciplines of “coming to quiet” and prayer. The Blue Room becomes a space where we invite God to join us each week! It’s our time to be with God and God’s time to be with us. We’ll explore stories of the Bible, taking time to wonder together, expecting to hear something new each week.


Children's Ministry  Staff

Volunteer With Children's Ministry


One of our favorite things is watching relationships develop between the children and the volunteers who make His Kids Ministry happen each week! More than 100 volunteers serve each week, making a difference in the lives of our children. It takes a village to share and live God’s story together. We have opportunities for all kinds of service in His Kids Ministry. We hope you’ll consider how your gifts and talents can enrich our faith community.


Young Children's World

Young Children's World strives to provide high quality, developmentally appropriate, Christ-centered childcare. We believe that play is child's work and encourage exploration through play. YCW is offered on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:00am-2:30pm from September to May.

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do i know where my children go when i arrive at Highland?

There are 3 locations where you are able to find information about Children's Ministry experiences on Sunday mornings: the information desk in the Atrium, the children’s information desk in the North Foyer and the Nursery Suite (located off the South Foyer). If you need help finding these areas once you are at Highland, look for a volunteer wearing a "Hello" lanyard. Click the button below to see a campus map.

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What do I do if my child has an allergy or special need?

When you check in at a one of our kiosks, you will see a place for you to designate allergies or special needs. This information will be printed on your child's name tag. Then when you drop off your child at their classroom, please let one of our Children's Ministry leaders know as well.

Do you provide a snack?

Snacks are provided in most of our classes, and usually consist of a package of fruit snacks, goldfish, animal crackers or pretzels. Occasionally the snack will be a supporting part of the lesson. In that case, the snack and ingredients will be listed outside the classroom door. For allergy concerns, please visit with an adult class leader.

How long are services at Highland & What do I wear.

Typically, our worship services average 70 minutes and Bible classes are 45 minutes. You will see everything from jeans and play clothes to dresses. Children sit on the floor in many of our gathering spaces, so comfortable clothing is best!

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