Welcome to Highland

At Highland, we believe God is alive and active. Not only is the whole world moving towards restoration, but we believe everyday we have an opportunity to live into the same power Jesus experienced at His resurrection. We desire to be a community that fully lives into this power. To do this, we encourage "next steps", or opportunities that intentionally move us towards restoration. 

Be Known At Highland

We'd love to connect with you! Whether you are new to church or new to Highland, you are welcome here.

Filling out a "Connect Card" is a step towards joining Highland as we strive to know and be known by those around us. Once you complete this form, we'll follow up with you to get you connected. 

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Together In Prayer

At Highland, we deeply believe in the power of prayer and joining others in prayer. You may submit a prayer request through the button below. Our elders and ministry staff will pray over these prayers throughout the week. 

Through this form, you may also ask for someone to follow up with you.

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Here To Support You

Highland Cares is a network of Highland members who are ready to care for one another by sharing God's love during hard times of life. We believe that we have been created to live in community and that no one should have to navigate life alone.

If you are in need of someone to come alongside of you, click the button below to get connected with support and resources.

Highland Cares Request Form

Learning & Growing Together

Highland has weekly Bible class offerings for children, students, and adults. Classes are from 10:00am-10:45am. This is an opportunity to continue to learn and grow together as the body of Christ. Click the button below to view all Bible class offerings with locations. 

Bible Classes

Telling Our Baptism Story

Baptism is the full immersion of the disciple into Jesus Christ for a new life in him.  At this single event, the person of Jesus mystically deepens our connection to the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, who restores us to all righteousness and graces us with the Fruit of the Spirit.  For our whole lives, the church and the work of the Spirit leads us to our baptism, and from our baptism, we are continually formed and reformed by the repeating story of death, burial, and resurrection.

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