What is the EmBodied Project?

The EmBodied Project is an invitation, encouragement, and challenge to Highland to help build an antiracist culture and beyond, while sharing and incorporating our core beliefs about Baptism. The physical expression of Baptism not only changes each of us spiritually, it also changes how we interact with one another as the body of Christ. What is shared by one is experienced by all. (Galatians 3:26-28)


Participating In The EmBodied Project

The first initiative of the EmBodied project is a series of videos where our Black brothers and sisters share stories of what it feels like to live in their bodies. These videos are intended to be experienced within a smaller group of people, which will provide space to reflect and discuss ways we can begin to celebrate every member of our collective body.

If you are interested in joining an EmBodied Project Conversation Group, click the link below to fill out an interest form and you will be connected with a small group of people.

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For Smaller Communities

Our hope is for smaller communities to take the opportunity to process, examine, unlearn, and relearn together from our brothers and sisters of color and their experiences in order for all of us to live into the wholeness of creation.

In anticipation of these conversations, our team has developed several best practices and guiding principles that will help your group set up healthy conversations as you listen to these stories. David Sessions & Zane Witcher in the video below unpack the logistics and guiding principles for your group to consider and embody when engaging in the Embodied Project.

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More About Practices & Principles

Videos & Discussion Questions

Each EmBodied story is meant to be experienced in a small group setting for shared learning and conversation. We suggest spending two weeks with each story, and we’ll provide discussion questions for guided conversations. With the release of each video, links to the questions and videos will be sent to the members within the Highland database.

Out of respect for our storytellers, this link will be password protected. 

Videos & Questions

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