Highland Cares

Here To Support You

Highland Cares is a network of Highland members who are ready to care for one another by sharing God's love during hard times of life. We believe that we have been created to live in community and that no one should have to navigate life alone.

If you are in need of someone to come alongside of you, click the button below to get connected with support and resources.

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Going Through Something Challenging? 

This may seem obvious.  And it may be easy or hard for you depending on a variety of factors.  However, if you have a trusted friend, please share your struggles and allow him or her to help you bear your burdens.  Also, your friend can help you ask for additional resources to strengthen you.

As the title of the position implies, the Navigator understands the resources within the Highland Cares network and will help connect you with others who will strengthen you for life’s journey. Call the Highland Cares NAVIGATOR, Gretchen Etheredge at 325-673-5295 or email by clicking the button below.


Every group (including Restore Highland Groups, Bible Classes, and Ministry Teams) within Highland has a member designated as a Care Contact.  These members are tuned-in to the pastoral needs within your group. In addition to organizing help and prayer, he or she can help you find additional care within the Highland Cares network.  If you are unsure who the Care Contact is within your group, ask the group leader(s) or email Gretchen Etheredge.

Highland Cares has a network of resources to support you. Although the Navigator or a Care Contact will help you access this help, you are welcome to reach for these resources directly by following the links below. 

The Network


If you would like for Highland to join you in prayer, email .  She will respond to learn what your prayer request is and whether you wish for it to be sent to all members in the Highland Cares email list, to the prayer ministry team, or to elders and ministers only.


The Highland elders want to help you in your time of need.  If you would like for one to call or visit you (or a friend), email and he will contact the elders on call for the month.  Or, you may reach out to an elder directly at any time.      

Connection for homebound members

The network has several teams that work to maintain connection to our homebound members and those with limited mobility.  If you (or a loved one) would like for members of this team to call or make a visit to the home or if you would like to be picked up by our van on Sunday mornings, please contact the navigator at the church office and he will make the connections you need.  Call 325-673-5295 or email .

Funeral support

Call the church office at 325-673-5295 or email to discuss funeral arrangements for a loved one.  Highland ministry staff and elders will coordinate with you and the funeral home to assist with the funeral service.  Also, members of the Highland Cares funeral team would like to serve a meal to the family on the day of the service.    

crisis response team

The Crisis Response Team is made up of members who have walked through significant trials.  These members are ready to offer important perspective, friendship and encouragement to those going through a journey similar to their own.  Please contact one of the team leaders and their team will reach out to you, maintaining your desired level of confidentiality, and provide light for your path and hope for your journey.

  • LOSS - This team consists of members who have suffered the loss of a child, spouse or other loved ones.  

    Team Leaders:   Contact Walt & darla Pfeifer
  • HEALTH CRISIS - This team consists of members who have been affected by a traumatic health issue such as (but not limited to) a cancer diagnosis, significant injury, and chronic health concerns.

    Team Leaderscontact Nathan Headrickcontact Laura Carroll
  • RELATIONSHIP TRAUMA - This team is made up of members who have been affected by broken and strained relationships potentially caused by experiences such as (but not limited to) a broken marriage covenant and other potentially life altering choices made by a family member.

    Team Leaderscontact Lucille fullen  contact stormy higgins
  • MENTAL HEALTH - This team is built of members who have been affected by addiction, depression and other mental health concerns.

    Team Leaderscontact nathan sanderscontact Aimee Colley
  • CAREGIVER SUPPORT - This team is made up of members with experience in caregiving to aging parents, spouses, foster children and grandchildren whom they raised as children.

    Team Leaderscontact scott brown contact Julie brown
  • PRACTICAL ASSISTANCE - In addition to the wisdom from a Christian who has walked a similar journey, the Highland Cares crisis response team has members ready to help with practical assistance often needed during very challenging times.  This team offers a POINT PERSON to help organize support you need, possibly with things such as (but not limited to) help with meals, rides to doctor visits, helping with school pick-up during the health treatments of parents and other ways to offer reminders of God’s love during difficult times.

    Team Leaderscontact monty montgomerycontact brenda stremmel
Financial assistance

Highland offers a Share the Joy program for benevolent help.  Contact Gretchen Etheredge at for more information.  

professional counseling 

The Highland Counseling Center offers professional counseling.  

learn more

Are You Ready to Help Others? 

The Highland Cares network has a place for all who wish to serve in this ministry.  Email Gretchen Etheredge, call the church office at (325) 673-5295, or reach out to one of the team leaders to learn how to get plugged in. 

email Gretchen

Ways To Belong

BE AN OBSERVANT AND CARING FRIEND. This network is built upon the bedrock of our love and care for one another.  No formal system or roles can replace the holy calling and important work of bearing each other’s burdens for the sake of sharing God’s love.

Serve as a CARE CONTACT in either your Restore Highland Group, Bible Class, or Ministry Team.

Serve on a FUNERAL TEAM. Highland Cares has four rotating funeral teams led by Steve Gibbs, Dianne Greene, and Ronalyn Sutphen.

Serve on a HOMEBOUND TEAM.  The network has several teams that have committed to checking on our homebound members and those with limited mobility.  This is a good place for all ages to belong and participate.

DRIVE THE VAN on Sunday mornings to pick up members with limited mobility.  This team serves on a rotating basis. 

WRITE NOTES to Homebound members.  Notecards, along with a roster of homebound members, may be found at the Info Desk in the Atrium.

Serve on a CRISIS RESPONSE TEAM.  The Crisis Response Team is comprised of people who have gone through a challenging experience and desire to reach back to offer perspective and encouragement to those going through a similar journey.

Serve as a POINT PERSON for someone going through a crisis. The Point Person Team serves as coordinators of practical assistance for members who are experiencing a crisis.