Welcome to the Know & Be Known Pathway

The Highland Know and Be Known Pathway guides you to discover what it means to be a fully active disciple in the life of a church.
The Know and Be Known Pathway is made up of four steps that equip you to (1) know the God of creation, (2) share life with a smaller group of people, (3) understand your identity in Christ, and (4) serve others through the love of Jesus. 


"Discovering how to experience the Pathway throughout your week."
Each week during the Know and Be Known sermon series,  we will share "pathway rhythms" that allow you to engage in the elements of the Pathway. 

Table (SUNDAY, APRIL 26)
  1. Look out.  Think of two people, one older and one younger than you that you could reach out to this week.  Give them a call, a note, or a text
  2. Look In. How has the concept of family broadened and matured as you've followed Jesus? How does it look similar and different from the description found in Acts 2? Spend a little time journaling or talking with someone about the change.
  3. Hold up: Who do you need to be lifting up in prayer? Write their names on a note as a reminder to pray for them every day and to be the presence of God to them this week.
baptism (SUNDAY, MAY 3)
  1. Share. Write, record or tell your baptism story to someone else in your family or circle of friends. Why did you decide to give your life to God? What happened leading up to this event? How has your life been different because of your confession that Jesus is Lord?
  2. Start. Take the next step. Our spiritual walk is a journey to untold joy and adventure with God, but sometimes we get stuck or waylaid or lost. Maybe it is time to reflect on your relationship with God and consider your next step.
  3. Discover. Where do I begin? If you are ready to begin your journey with God, we are here to walk with you. Baptism is the beginning. If you would like someone to study with you, answer questions or hear your story, click here and we will be in touch this week.

Worship (SUNDAY, APRIL 19)
  1. Spend time alone singing to God. Go into a space or a posture that connects you to God, and worship through song, by yourself. Spend some time meditating on what God has done for you.
  2. Read Psalm 19 and write your own prayer song. After reading it through once, begin to copy the prayer of praise until your own words take off, and see what happens!
  3. What connects you in worship? What is a moment or a season where you experienced a particularly poignant or personal interaction with God? Journal, video or contemplate your answer.
  4. Commit to attending the rest of this series online, and consider sharing the link with a friend!
Cross (SUNDAY, MAY 10)
  1. Soak. Set an alarm this week to read Philippians 2 once a day for 5 days. Reflect on how the passage flourishes in your soul.
  2. The Good Life. There is something about self-emptying service that is paradoxically fulfilling. What was a moment when you experienced this unique joy? How can you do it again?
  3. Engage. One of the ways we participate in the unfolding kingdom of God here at Highland is journeying the Pathway together. Is there a particular step that you need to take? Make plans, take action, commit to exploring what God is doing with us.