Serve Within Restore Highland Ministries and Initiatives


Serve in the Restoration of Highland - Overview

Serve in the Highland Cares Ministry

Care Contact

Within your Bible Class, RHG or Small Group, serve as the Care Contact for your group.  The "Care Contact" within each group serves as a point within the group to organize acts of care for members in need and also serves as a liaison to the Navigator, Elders and other parts of the Highland Cares network.  Contact David Sessions for more information.

Funeral Team

Serve on one of four Funeral Teams led by:  Steve Gibbs, Susan Watts, Dianne Green and Ronalyn Sutphen.  These four teams serve on a rotating basis to prepare and serve a meal on the day of a funeral at Highland.  Contact one of the team leaders or Gretchen Etheredge if you are interested in belonging to a team.

Crisis response team

For those who have walked through a challenging life experience and feel called to offer meaningful support for another going through a similar journey, belonging to a crisis response team may be a good fit.  Examples include:  Loss of a loved one, mental health needs, a health diagnosis such as cancer, life as a caregiver and relationship trauma.  Contact Gretchen Etheredge for more information.


One way Highland works together to surround a member who is in a crisis, is to appoint a "point person".  The point person walks closely with the member and serves as the contact for all others who wish to support the member in crisis.  The point person serves an a organizer of support such as meals trains, rides to doctor appointments, babysitting, etc. - depending on the needs and desires of the member.  Contact Gretchen Etheredge for more information. 

Homebound Team and Sonshiners Ministry

Highland's Homebound Ministry functions as a team of teams.  Groups of 3-5 members commit to checking on 3-5 homebound members.  This works well for a group looking to serve together although individuals can be placed on a team.  Dickie Porche manages the Homebound roster and the teams that serve these sweet members.  In addition, the Sonshiners Ministry is a multigenerational group, some of whom are homebound, and this group serves one another in loving ways.  For more information on belonging to Sonshiners, contact Anita Green.

Send a note or drop off a care package to homebound members (porch drop during covid)

A good idea for any age, work with Dickie to connect with the HC homebound team leaders and gain insight on the best way to help encourage specific individuals.  For example, a homebound team member might know to suggest that a particular individual loves brownies, is interested in baseball and the best time to visit is late morning.  

Story collection from elderly members

Especially after covid, it would be great to help students ask questions of our older members to hear life stories and the wisdom coming from them.  Perhaps documenting and combining these in a storybook would give the students a sense of a tangible outcome that could be shared (with permission from storytellers) with Highland.  Contact David Sessions for more information.

Become a hospice volunteer

In Texas, hospice volunteers must go through a certification program (this can be done online through one of the local hospices).  Although hospices are not allowing volunteers during covid, a member could get prepared now for when it is allowed.  A lifetime of meaningful service could begin even as a teen, especially for those who have a natural gifting.  A good component to this would be for someone with some experience to coordinate an opportunity for volunteers to come together to process experiences.  Contact David Sessions for more information.    

Serve in Children's Ministry

Serve in Student Ministry

Serve in University Ministry

Serve in Restore Highland Groups or Adult Bible Classes

Serve in the Worship Ministry

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