We believe the presence and voices of students will teach our church things
about God's coming restoration that we would not otherwise be able to learn.

H I G H L A N D  S T U D E N T  M I N I S T R Y


Life Together

We believe students are capable of full-participation in God’s Kingdom. Student Ministry strives to meaningfully integrate students into every aspect of life at Highland while also structuring times for students to be together. Highland Student Ministry heavily invests in the relationships students have with their parents, as well as adult volunteers who will devote their time to students.


Everyone in Highland Student Ministry (volunteers, ministry leaders, and students) are encouraged to take the posture of learners. We are all learning from one another all the time because we believe each other’s presence teaches us about God’s Kingdom.


As guests at Jesus’ table we know he is the host and we welcome others to join.

Empower & Equip

We believe students must be full participants of the church at every stage and as often as possible. We often say, "adults only do what only adults can do.” Much of what we do is getting students ready to lead Highland now.


We believe these are holy things; fun, laughter, honest conversations, tears, wasting time together.

Parent Info

We believe the most impactful people in a student's faith journey will be their parents, guardians, or main adult influences at home. Because of this, it is a priority to communicate with and provide resources to you as often and as clearly as possible. There are two ways that we primarily communicate: The Weekly Newsletter and Remind (Text Update System). These channels will distribute information about upcoming events, important details to know, and material to support the formation of your student(s). 

If you would like to join the list for The Weekly Newsletter or Remind, click below to send an email to express your interest.

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Worship: Know the True Nature of God

Highland Student Ministry believes we learn about God’s nature through worship practices.

Students lead a time of praise and worship every Sunday morning at 10:00am in Room 207. Our teaching time is often attached to a helpful worship practice so students can interact with the message in a worshipful way throughout the week. This includes: contemplative reading of scripture, breath prayer, sabbath practices and acts of devotion.

Often our Huddles (Student Ministry's form of smaller community) lead a time of worship for themselves or are invited to lead worship for one of our outreach campuses, Grace and Freedom Fellowship.

On Wednesday evenings in the summer, students meet in Room 207 at 7:00pm to participate in a variety of worship practices.

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Table: Know One Another

Highland Student Ministry believes that Jesus is known through the breaking of bread (Luke 24:35), that we become known and know other deeply by sharing in meaningful relationships. 

Our primary expression of Table within Student Ministry is Huddles -- a grade-based smaller community hosted by devoted adults. Huddles meet on Wednesday evening at 7:00pm during the school year and are the best way to get involved in Student Ministry. 

Summer - Breakthrough (Middle School) & Crossover (High School)
Fall - Nothing Retreat (High School)
Spring - Guys Retreat + Girls Retreat

Baptism: Know Your Identity in Christ

Highland Student Ministry believes the sacrament of baptism is saying "yes" to being a full participant in God's restoration, but baptism also forms us long after our initial “yes.” Baptism becomes our entire identity. When life is confusing and restoration seems far off, we remember our baptism; that we are still full-participants in God's restoration and so are others.

This 6-week class for 7th and 8th grade students and their parents/guardians encourages and empowers faith discussions. One of the most impactful relationships for a young person's spiritual formation is their parents or guardians. Through this class, we hope to serve as a guide and provide tools necessary for families as they become faith conversation partners.

Cross: Joy of Self-Emptying Service

Highland Student Ministry believes students are fully capable of placing God's vision of restoration as the priority of their lives. Through the act of self-emptying service, students are given the chance to be a part of God's work of Restoring Highland, Abilene, and the world.

Opportunity Camp, Camp Roots, Impact, Fortress, Camp Barnabas


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