Real Mature Workshop

The Real Mature Workshop is specifically designed with you and how you fit into the overall vision of University Ministry. Over the next five weeks, you'll have an opportunity to process through a series of modules as you discover what God is cultivating around and before you. 

Whether you'll be returning to Abilene once everything "returns to normal" or not, we encourage everyone to walk through this online workshop. We believe that the questions and reflection you'll engage with will be beneficial as you continue to mature, no matter where you're heading after May.

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Got Questions?

Can I come check out Highland’s University Ministry even though it’s not the beginning of the semester/year? 

Absolutely! Class is always an easy starting place on Sunday mornings to join in no matter what time of the year you decide to check it out! 

What if I’m not attending a University right now? 

You’re not the only one asking this question, so rest assured there are others who are a part of the University Ministry community at Highland who are not attending secondary schooling or trade school and still love being a part of this ministry. You are welcome here. 

What if I’m in town during the summer or holiday season? 

During "off times" (like holidays, breaks, and summer), Highland University folds into what Highland does and also hosts sporadic gatherings specifically for young adults. Our instagram account will keep you up to date on details and information about upcoming events, gatherings, and any schedule changes. 

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