We desire to embody God's restoration through being able to recognize one another,
being the most well-rested (in every meaning of the term),
and practicing the Spirit drenched rhythms that usher in God's restoration.

H I G H L A N D   U N I V E R S I T Y   M I N I S T R Y

Be In The "Know" 

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Sunday Mornings

As we gather to worship together on Sunday mornings, University Ministry has a space where we gather at 10:00am to learn, discuss, and embody the accessible & life giving ways of Jesus. 

This series exists to place stakes in the ground that declare our core values as a ministry and how these elements flow into the overall Restoration Vision of our congregation.

Discipleship In Groups

Mentorship and community are necessities in Christian life. On Sunday evenings, Spiritual Mentors gather with cohorts of young adults for Discipleship in Groups (or DIG as you'll hear us say). We take time to process our weeks, discuss personal discipleship, and experience what it means to be known by a smaller group of people who are living into God’s restoration. 

Got Questions?

Can I come check out Highland’s University Ministry even though it’s not the beginning of the semester/year? 

Absolutely! Class is always an easy starting place on Sunday mornings to join in no matter what time of the year you decide to check it out! 

What if I’m not attending a University right now? 

You’re not the only one asking this question, so rest assured there are others who are a part of the University Ministry community at Highland who are not attending secondary schooling or trade school and still love being a part of this ministry. You are welcome here. 

What if I’m in town during the summer or holiday season? 

During "off times" (like holidays, breaks, and summer), Highland University folds into what Highland does and also hosts sporadic gatherings specifically for young adults. Our instagram account will keep you up to date on details and information about upcoming events, gatherings, and any schedule changes. 

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