Sabbath Rest "Workshop" 

Sabbath Rest is our communal commitment to weekly Sabbath. Alongside our individual practice of rest, there will be four sessions intended to answer questions, reflect together and explore scripture.

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Be In The "Know" 

There are three main ways to stay up to date with University Ministry: (1) texts, (2) emails, and (3) Instagram. 
We'll send & provide periodic updates and important info about what's happening with University Ministry.

Sunday Mornings

On Sunday mornings, we are hosting a socially-distanced outdoor worship service! This will be a time for us to kickoff the semester together, welcome incoming students, and thank God for all that is ahead.

You'll want to B.Y.O.S. (bring your own seat: blanket, lawn chair, etc.) and a mask (will be required during the event). We'll provide breakfast & drinks, hand sanitizing stations, and all the vibes. 

Head over to our Instagram & share the invite graphic to your story because everyone is invited and it is going to be quite the morning.

Discipleship In Groups

Being part of a smaller community is part of what it means to belong and be recognized in University Ministry.

Discipleship in Groups is our expression of small groups for college-aged people in Abilene, and it looks like a small cohort of people with a set of Spiritual Mentors (some older adults who think college peeps are pretty neat). DIG happens on Sunday evenings at 5:00pm at Highland's main building (425 Highland Ave). 

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